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My Free Zoo – The animal game experience

Lovingly created graphics, cute animations and enthusiastic zoo visitors – it’s the virtual animals that are the true stars on the browser game My Free Zoo. As is common for an animal game, players are able to develop their own My Free Zoo here and tend to their furred, finned and feathered friends on this entertaining online game.

My Free Zoo

The concept of animal games

Playing with animals allow users to tend to a variety of different animal species, to breed them and to present them in their My Free Zoo.

My Free Zoo: The animal game fun

Due to its features and tasks the browser game My Free Zoo that belongs to the genre of animal games, ensures its players heaps of gaming fun.

Give a new and comfy home to a variety of exotic animals!
Increase your zoo with a lot of different animals
Booster Packs will help you building a bigger zoo
Parrot in My Free Zoo

Colorful animal game features

All it takes is one click to make your animals happy. The browser game My Free Zoo lets players take on the role of zoo-director and tend to rabbits, pigs and many others animals. To reach their goals, they’ve got lots of great features at hand. Being fed, tended to and entertained will keep the animals that inhabit My Free Zoo happy. On top of that, players can expand their enclosures or equip them with different kinds of watering troughs.

The gaming areas of My Free Zoo

On My Free Zoo, the zoo is subdivided into different gaming areas. The main action takes place in the enclosures. The motto of the animal game is: the happier the animals, the more visitors will come into My Free Zoo, and with them, the money will come rolling in. Place buildings and decorations to upgrade these areas. This will gain the animal-game-users additional experience points and zoo dollars. This revenue, on the other hand, allows players to expand, adapt and embellish their My Free Zoo as they like it. There are countless different ways of planning and designing your zoo, ensuring you hours upon hours of entertaining gaming fun.

The animals of My Free Zoo are waiting for you
Create the best zoo in the world!

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